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How does it work?


Customers order from your menu


Enter contact, table no., delivery option etc…


Order is sent to your device in real-time

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The Problem

Singapore is going cashless, customers are going online, social distancing is the new norm. Businesses spend thousands of dollars and countless hours building their own app to solve the same problem. And consumers like us suffer from inconvenience, forced to register a new account and install a new app every time.


YumIsland is a socially integrated platform for businesses and consumers. Customers can buy online without registration or installation, and have an all-in-one platform to make repeated purchase. New features are automatically available to you and your customers. As more businesses come aboard, the cost is shared among more people and decreases for everyone through economy of scale.

It's not an app, it's a community.

Why YumIsland?

Hygiene First

Customers can complete the entire transaction from the safety of their phone. All without physical contact with the staff. Orders are sent in real-time to your device so order reservation is unnecessary.

Zero upfront cost

YumIsland is free forever by default. Pay for optional plans only when you want them. There is zero risk, and it takes only 10 minutes to start selling online.

Compliments your existing system

YumIsland doesn't aim to replace your existing system. You can use the app on most devices to start enhancing your service. We provide professional service for custom integration too.

Consumer driven design

From PayNow to QR codes and mobile friendly sites, we adopt new trends to keep up with consumer demands. We handle hosting, encryption, SEO and all the other complicated stuff so you don't have to. Our user guides are always improving so you won't feel stuck.

Transparent Pricing

* All paid plans are optional and excludes a 3.5% payment fee.

What's Next?