Handling New Orders

Handling New Orders


Before you can start accepting orders, you need to set up your brand. The brand must have a URL name, at least 1 payment method, and 1 outlet. If you’ve not done that, see the Getting Started Guide.

Point-of-sales system

The point-of-sales (POS) system is where all new orders go. You can access your POS from the business dashboard. The POS requires a modern browser to work. It was designed to work well on most mobile devices. There will be a real-time update of new orders when the page is open. You will be informed if there is any connectivity issue that might result in missed updates. If anything goes wrong, you can simply refresh the page. There will be push notification if the page is not open, or the browser is not in focus. A reminder will be sent if there are new orders that have not been accepted or rejected.

Push Notification

Push notification does not work on iPhone and iPad as of this writing (25 April 2020). Android devices running the latest version Chrome supports push notification. Most modern desktop browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge supports push notification.

Selecting an outlet

If you are managing multiple outlets, you’ll be allowed to select an outlet to watch for new orders. You will only receive new orders from the outlet you select. After closing the page, you will receive notifications for the last outlet you selected. If you have multiple outlets and would like to assign different people to watch new orders from each outlet, you have to purchase the “Permission Management” plan from the Business Dashboard.

Accepting new orders

To accept a new order, click on the green tick button. The customer see an update showing that the order was accepted. You can view more options by clicking on the arrow button. There you’ll see options to reject the order, or to contact the customer. Once the order has been accepted, you can mark the order as completed or rejected, and the customer would see the order updated. To access the reject button, click on the arrow button at the top right of the order. Orders that have been completed or rejected will be moved to the history page which can be accessed from the top right button on the page.

SMS notifications

You can send an SMS notifications to your customer when the order is completed or rejected by choosing the button with the “Notify” option. This option only works when you have purchased an SMS plan. You can access this from the business dashboard.