Online Marketing 101

Online Marketing 101


Users love sharing good food. And one of the biggest platform to do that is Facebook. Facebook pages are business friendly so it’s easy to reach out to new users and engage them. You can integrate your online shop right into your Facebook page so customers can buy while surfing Facebook. There are many Facebook Groups where users share good food. Posting to those groups can help to get your name out there.

  1. Add Shop Now button
  2. Add shop URL sidebar to Facebook page
  3. Post to FB groups e.g.


Similar to Facebook, Instagram is famous for selfies and food pictures. Start posting enticing photos on your Instagram profile and hashtag them. Add a link to your profile so users can quickly shop online. Encourage customers to tag you when they posts photos for their friends to see. It’s free advertisement!

  1. Post photos to Instagram
  2. Add shop URL to profile
  3. Encourage users to tag you

Google Maps/Google Business

What is the first thing you do when you want to find out more about something? You Google it! Listing your business on Google automatically increase your exposure to thousands of people who are searching for you business online. People who are looking for food nearby use Google Maps to find them. Add a link back to your online store to engage customers immediately.

  1. List business on Google
  2. Add to Google Maps
  3. Include link to shop


Having a good SEO strategy is important for reaching the first page of Google. The simplest and most effective method is sharing your store URL to as many sites as possible. You can start with the sites that we’ve listed on this page. Another method is adding meaningful content to your online store. That means adding good descriptions to your menu.

Food Platforms

There are many websites dedicated to reviewing and listing food. Having your business/food listed there will not only bring new customers, it will give customers the confidence that your food and service is good.